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We've been living in Jeju for long time and we want to share its beauty with you!

- Jeju is a place that makes you come back again and again after you visit it once. That was happened to me: first time I came here in 1993 and could not help of coming time after time, working as a Russian language instructor in Seoul. Finally in 2001 I settled here with my wife Natasha, as an artist and scuba diver she always admires Jeju for its picturesque sea and unique nature.
Name in full: Victor Ryashencev
Born: 17/03/1973 in Vladivostok, Russia
Education: Far-Eastern State University, (Vladivostok, Russia), Korean Department, Post graduate Course
Major activities: hiking, inline skating, climbing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, cycling, amateur web design and photos


Name in full: Natasha Nazarenko
Born: 25/05/1972 in Vladivostok, Russia
Art education: Vladivostok Art School Dive
education: PADI Divemaster #462869
My favorite music: David Bowie, Bob Marley, Carlos Santana
My favorite movie: Grand Bleu, Atlantis
my favorite drink: rum
Major activities: scuba diving, painting, sea kayaking, beach and underwater cleaning, walking, inline skating, snorkeling Hobby: laying on the beach Most of my information can be found at my artist's web site http://ww.lovetosea.com

name: Alex (Kim Chungwon)
born: in Korea
education: Korea Air Force Academy
travel: Japan, France, Swiss, all over Korea
my interests: movies, paragliding, swimming, different sports (soccer, basketball etc)
my vision: Jeju is treasure island, I moved here in 2011 with my own dream